I make sure your projects are delivered on-vision, on-time, on-budget keeping clarity and transparency for everyone.

And, oh, I'll make sure everyone delivering the project is happy too 🙂

Christiane Magee

Digital Project Producer

I have over 15 years in digital media spent at one time or another as a:

Designer, marker-upper/scripter/database maker, project/account manager, business owner, consultant, brand manager, product manager, director of a creative services department and executive management for a Canadian telco.


During that time I have worked with people from many domains:

Communications, Traditional Marketing, Brand, Product, Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Public Relations, Ad Agencies, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Animators, Filmmakers, Artists, Musicians, IT, Engineering, Call Centres, Sales and Finance.


In the following industries

Retail, Fashion, News/Magazines, Music, Radio, TV, Film, Government, Pharma & Holistic Medicine.

What you get when you work with me

I'm able to speak and translate "Marketing" and "IT", I can cut to a crux of a problem and find a solution, I can facilitate team dynamic issues, I will always keep you updated on all aspects of your project.
I have many tools under my belt to keep everyone on task and up to date. I will work with you to figure out which tools work best for your project and organization.
A Troubleshooter
Projects don't always go as planned. I will work with the team and anyone involved to find a solution to get your project back on track
An ambidextrous brain
I have a very cartesian and organized mind, but am able to tap into the more creative and abstract side of my brain. This allows me to communicate effectively to anyone within the project.

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